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The term of Aproach is similiarly name with Tawassul, and it can be the name used at this papper. according to Ibn Mansur in his Lisan al-‘Arab means that الدرجة namely a position, and also القربة means approach to Allah, for example someone approaches to Allah by his good deeds. So that tawassul according to him is do some actions (good deeds) to approach this self to Allah.

Another reason says that Tawassul is an abstract noun from verb توسل-يتوسل means that get a mediator for approaching to object (god). So tawassul is to get a mediator. While term وسيلة is gerund form means “mediator” namely all the something which can help so the wish able to be accepted. According to Habib Mundzir al-Musawa, tawassul is getting a mediator from creature for praying to Allah, and Allah introduces us faith and Islam with the other creature namely Muhammad as the first mediator to Allah, the second is companions, and the thirth is succesors.

Al-Syauqani explain it with process to make self approaching to god (Allah) with obedience and loyalty, something can make self approaching to god. it is related to wasīlah, the means of approach.

In other dictionary, like Maqayis Al-Lughah said that الوسيلة it means wishes and demand, to say وسل if someone wishes, its meaning that wishes approach to Allah.

Besides that, another meaning which have mentioned by Muhammad Nasir al-Din Al-Albaniy that وسيلة is a position side a king or a leader. It is as same as Ibn Mansur’s argumentation namely a position.

Prof Dr Muhammad Tahir  al-Qadri takes from Imam Rāghib Asfahānī comments that wasilah means to seek willingly access to something and since it is based on willingness, it is related to wasilah, the means of approach.  He also takes from Imam Zamakhsharī’s statement  that everything that helps in seeking means of approach, that is, nearness to Allah, is wasīlah.

After reading some argumentations above, the writer also wants to look at what the Qur’a says about tawassul. In QS. Al-Maeda (5) : 35

“O’ you who have Faith! Be in awe of Allah, and seek the means (of nearness) to Him; and strive hard in His way, that you may be prosperous”.

Ibnu Jarir interprets وَابْتَغُوا إِلَيْهِ الْوَسِيلَةَ and he says “and look for the approaching to god with good deeds so He happy with you” And also from Ibn Asyur, he says الْوَسِيلَةَ as وصيلة as a wide land, where the term وصل near from وَسلَ so that الْوَسِيلَةَ means فعيلة بمعنى مفعولة namely a verb means an object “متوسّل” its mean that looking for an approaching namely الطاعة “obedience and loyality”, as a wasilah to the god. When the people feel far from something so part of them need a wasilah (mediator) to make faster their approaching, so the name of this is tawassul .

Ibn Taimiyah Said tawassul (looking for Wasilah) by Muhammad according to companions dialog it means that Muhammad’s Praying and syafa’at, Different with people conversation right now praying by Muhammad its self, or the other prophet religious man.

In the light of any kinds of reasons about tawassul above, the writer would like to give tawassul definition and it shall be explained later on this thesis. Tawassul is a process to make self approaching to Allah by any ways what the Islam describes. If that way is not suitable what the islam describes so according to the writer’s mind that it is a negative thing which can made someone do the Syirik to Allah and influence their believing to Allah.

The problems above are misunderstanding and may be occurred by looking from the terminology only. In the same manner as the explanation just now that the process to close to Allah but it still very general, may he comes to close to Allah by using some religious man graves as a something to make his praying is able to be accepted, will be given any blessing of god, or by using the Prophet’s praying, and etc.

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