by, Zaharuddin, S.Th.I, M.Th.I

Some of terms in hadith methodology you can find out on this papper, such us; Word sanad is gerund form (masdar) which is from verb sanada, the fllural is isnad. And word sanada is fi’il madi, includes words al-sin (س) , al-nun (ن), and al-dal (د) which have several meaning, like; 1) be dependented on, 2) انضمام الشيء إلى الشيء it’s mean that all the something are dependented to the other person, 3) climb the mountain 4) someone become a pillar. The other definition from Ibn Mansur said that a something is arise from the earth, or something is in front of us and far from the hill when looked.

The etymology, and the terminolghy namely sanad  is explanation about ways (connecting structure of narrator) who says to the other person  about contents of hadith, includes the narrator (ruwat) also.

Hadith, For etymology, term حدث is a verb includes 3 words الحاء, الدال, and الثاء  namaely 3 words combination have one meaning namely كونُ الشيء لم يكُنْ  “something existence after it’s doesn’t (rising), Ibn Mans{ur translated with the antonym from القديم namely old. see Abu Husayn Ahmad ibn Faris ibn Zakariya, Mu’jam Maqayis al-Lugah, juz II, Beirut, Dar al-Jil, 1411 H/1991 M, Ibn Manzur Abu Fadl Jamal al-Din Muhammad ibn Mukram (Ibn Manshur), Lisan al-Arab, vol. 2, Beirut : Dar al-Sadr, 1396 H/1968 M.

From it’s terminology, Syuhudi Ismail said the definition that what are dependented on the prophet’s biography, deeds, news, statements and actions, is it related with low or not. al-Qasimiy said that hadis sahih namely hadith which all narrators (sanad) are connected and they are adil and dabit, justice and ked{abitan happened at all narrators without syaz and ‘illat, Muhammad Jamal al-Din al-Qasimiy, Qawa’id al-Tahdis min Funun Mustalah al-Hadis, Beirut : Dar al-Kutub al-ilmiyah, 1399 H/1979 M.

Term siqat at mutaqaddimin’s time is more limited as the complete of memorize ability than the combine between adl and dabt in the next time.

Mudallas namely there are two kinds 1) mudallas isnad namely hadith which is narrated by person who lifes in the same period but never meets the teaceher directly, and never hearing, but he narrated from the other narrator who met with teacher direcly. Example, someone tell from this person (teacher)…, 2) mudallas Syuyukh , this hadith lighter than mudallas isnad because of the narrator dooes not deliberate to fall one of hadith narrators, actually he hear directly but using teacher’s nickname (kunniyah) at the narration, not the fullname, al-Khatib

Matn in etymology المَتْنُ من كل شيء ما صَلُبَ ظَهْرُه namely back bone all something, And matn in terminology is Ibn Jama'ah said that matn is the content what the narrator mentioned. 

Syas accrodning to Mr. Syuhudi took from al-Syafi’iy’s statement that syas hadith is caused by; 1) alonly narrator in hadith narration popular with fard mutlaq hadith, 2) siqat narrator.

Illat is mentioned by Ibn Salah and al-Nawawiy namely a hidden negative broke the quality of the hadith. Its’ existence caused the quality of the hadith looks sahih become da’if.

Muhkam is certain low is dicided by scholars and the other said muhkam is one of definition of qathiy al-dilalah

From etymology, term Takhrij from original word خرج- يخرج- تخريجا , word “takhrij” is a gerund has a famous meaning is al-Istinbah the meaning is “putt outside” and At-Tadrib the meaning is “to research, educate” and At-Taujih  is “to explain or to face”. Abu Husain bin ahmad bin Faris bin Zakaria in his book maqayis Al-Lughah says an-nifadsu ‘an Syaiin meaning is “to pierce something” and ikhtilaf Launain is “the different with two colours”.

Takhrij base on terminology is always used by scholar of hadith namely search and look for the hadith from any kinds of related books of original sources, in those sources are mentioned all narrator and content of related hadith.


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